Our values

Belmia's mission is to bring out the best in every woman by accentuating her natural beautyHow do we do that? By offering women accessories they feel good in, because we believe that when you feel good, you look good and vice versa! #womanempowerment 

Hi, I'm Margo Cooman. In April 2020 I founded Belmia. Read my story below.

Ever since I was little I have had a passion for jewelry. Around April of the infamous year 2020 I chose to fulfill my dream and founded my own jewelry brand, Belmia. Because I wear jewelry on a daily basis, I know exactly what I'm looking for in a piece of jewelry. It must be beautiful and timeless, must not discolour and above all must fit well.

Based on these insights, I launched a first collection in the autumn of 2020. All jewels were designed and selected with passion and care. The result was a collection of jewels that I found sublime one by one.

Since then I've got a taste for Belmia and further expanding Belmia has been my dream that little by little is becoming reality.

Practical information

Do you have a question or a problem? Team Belmia is available for you 24/7. Click here to contact us.

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