Perfect earrings for every face shape

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How do you choose the ideal earrings? Of course you choose earrings that you like the most, but which type of earrings suits your face best? Every face shape is different, by capitalizing on the unique benefits of your face you can accentuate your natural beauty with jewelry. We looked for the best combinations and made a small summary. 


Round face shape


A round face is very symmetrical. The cheekbones are wider and the cheeks fuller, combined with a contoured jawline and chin.


Lengthen your facial silhouette.

oorbellen voor ronde gezichtvorm 

Recommended models

  • Long and narrow earrings
  • Short medium size earrings
  • Large hoops that optically lengthen the jawline 


The perfect match for a round face shape? Belmia's Oval Hoops which provide a fine finish due to their long, narrow character.


Heart Shaped Face


A wider forehead, a narrow jaw and a small, defined chin.


Put an extra accent on the jawline.

oorbellen voor hartvormig gezicht

 Recommended models

  • small earrings
  • Elongated earrings that don't narrow down
  • Earrings with branches


An excellent match for a heart-shaped face shape? Belmias Tango Earrings: a triangular jewel that balances the refined chin.



square face shape


Equal dimensions between forehead, cheekbone and jaw with beautiful, strong jawlines!


Soften the structure of your face.

orbellen voor vierkant gezichtvorm

 Recommended models

  • completed studs
  • Medium to long earrings
  • round earrings


    The ideal earrings to complement a square face shape? Belmia's round Romance Hoops to find the perfect balance.


    Oval Face Shape


    The oval face shape is one of the most popular face shapes. The facial features are similar to a round face, but slightly more elongated.


    Accentuate the cheekbones, but don't go over the top with elongated earrings.

    oorbellen voor ovale gezichtvorm

    Recommended models

    • Almost all models and shapes! 


    A simple, elegant style always suits an oval face. Belmia's Galaxy Hoops are definitely recommended in this case! 



    Or you can choose to accentuate the junk bones with medium length, chain style earrings like Belmia's Chain Drop Earrings.


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