Three common jewelry mistakes

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Have you ever bought jewelry, but soon regretted your purchase? Maybe your skin turned green or the jewel lost all its shine after two weeks. Recognizable? Don't worry, you're not alone! In this article we give three tips to never be disappointed again.



Just because a jewel has a gold or silver color does not mean that it is made of quality materials. Real gold or silver jewelry therefore has a more expensive purchase price, but of course these precious precious metals are more than worth their investment. 

To reduce costs, jewelery is often made of brass or nickel. These materials permanently discolor over time and in many cases cause allergic reactions - this is especially the case with nickel, a material that we at Belmia always advise against. 

Jewelry made from genuine silver, such as Belmia jewelry, is always a good choice. These jewels will not leave green circles on your skin, will not discolor permanently and will not cause allergic reactions. Highly recommended in the long term!

read here more about the materials Belmia uses. 


You wear jewelry against the skin and often come into contact with perfume, body cream, sweat, hairspray... and just as you need to wash your clothes regularly, jewelry also needs to be cared for. 

Cleaning your jewelry prevents oxidation and ensures that your jewelry retains their sublime shine. Belmia therefore gives you a free silver polishing cloth with every purchase, so you can keep your jewelry clean and shine. In addition to a brilliant shine, the silver polishing cloth also ensures that an anti-dirt layer is placed around the jewel. 

We recommend cleaning your jewelry at least once a month with the silver polishing cloth. 

read here how to use the silver polishing cloth.


If you wear the same earrings every day without taking them off, dirt will build up in places you can't easily see for yourself.

One of the most common places for dirt to build up is in the back of a stud earring (at the back of your ear). Remnants of products such as shampoo, foundation, ... linger in this place and collect behind your earring. 

We therefore recommend that you day-to-day to take off earrings regularly and polish them (including the zirconia stones) with a silver polishing cloth from Belmia.

Or even better: just change your earrings a little more often! Of course there are many earrings that go with every outfit, but who doesn't love a little variation? 

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