What does a thicker layer of gold and rhodium mean?

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What does 925 silver mean?

925 silver or sterling silver means that a jewel is made of 92.5% fine silver. The remaining 7.5% contains other materials that make the jewel stronger while preserving the elegant silver color.

It is possible that the 925 sterling silver jewels are gold plated. This means that there is a gold colored layer around the jewels.

What does plating mean? 

Plating is a method in which the jewelry is covered with another material. The Belmia jewelery is made of 925 sterling silver and clad in 14 carat gold and the silver in rhodium. 

What does a thicker plating mean for the jewellery? 

The thickness of the plating is responsible for how many years the jewels retain their plating. The thicker the layer of the plating, the better. Belmia always opts for a thick plating that, with proper maintenance, will remain in perfect condition for many years. 

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