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All jewelry from Belmia are made from quality materials such as 925 sterling silver right away 14 karat gold or rhodium plating.


925 sterling silver

Pure silver or fine silver is too soft to make jewelry, so silver jewelry is mixed with other metalsn to make the jewel stronger.
Sterling silver or 925 silver means the jewel of 92.5% fine silver is made. the rest 7.5% are other metals that make the jewel stronger while preserving the elegant silver color.
You can recognize 925 sterling silver jewelry by the '925’ of 'S925' which is engraved in the jewel.


Advantages of 925 sterling silver

Silver jewels can last a lifetime if properly maintained, therefore, you can view jewelry as a graceful investment rather than expendable.

In addition, silver jewelry will never leave green stripes on your skin and are silver jewelry anti-allergic


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Gold colored jewelry with 925 sterling silver as a base

Sometimes 925 sterling silver jewelry gold plated† This means that there is a gold-coloured layer around the jewelry, which makes the jewelry more affordable than solid gold jewelry.

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