The power of 925 sterling zilver

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Jewelery is made of different types of metals, the longer a metal remains beautiful without discoloration or decay, the more noble a metal is. Silver and gold are the most popular precious metals, because they like High Quality are and fall with many to combine.


All jewels from Belmia are made of quality materials such as 925 sterling silver.


Are there different types of silver? And what does '925 silver' or 'sterling silver' mean? And how do I best maintain my silver jewelry so that it can be used for a lifetime? Read it all here!


What is 925 sterling silver?

Pure silver or fine silver is too soft to make jewelry, so silver jewelry is mixed with other metals to make the jewelry stronger.


Sterling silver or 925 silver means that the jewel is made of 92.5% fine silver. The remaining 7.5 are other metals that make the jewel stronger while preserving the elegant silver color.


You can recognize 925 sterling silver jewelery by the '925' or 'S925' engraved on the jewel.


What are the advantages of 925 sterling silver?

Many cheap jewelry is made from cheap metals such as brass or nickel. These bad metals are therefore cheap, making the production of these jewels very cheap.


Cheap metals often cause jewelry to leave green streaks on your body and not look good after a month. In addition, some cheap metals can also be bad for your health, for example by causing skin irritations or allergies.


Jewelery made of precious metals, such as 925 sterling silver, on the other hand, is more expensive but of much better quality.



Why are some 925 sterling silver jewelry gold colored?

Sometimes 925 sterling silver jewelry is gold plated. This means that there is a gold-coloured layer around the jewelry, which makes the jewelry more affordable than solid gold jewelry.


How do I maintain 925 sterling silver jewelry?

All jewelry that you buy at Belmia is made of 925 sterling silver. These jewels can last a lifetime if properly maintained, therefore, you can view jewelry as a graceful investment rather than expendable.


To keep your silver jewelry for life, it is important to regularly polish the jewelry with silver polish† You can easily do this with the silver polishing cloth that you get for free with an order from Belmia. These silver polishing cloths give your jewelry a dazzling shine within minutes!


In addition to silver polishing cloths, you can also use liquid silver polish or silver polish in the form of a cream. Please note that liquid silver polish may not come into contact with stones on jewelry.


If you polish silver jewelry regularly, you prevent jewelry from becoming dull or discolouring. In addition, you can apply a number of tips to enjoy your elegant jewelry for as long as possible:


 ✔ Keep your silver jewelry in a dark, dry and soft place when you are not wearing it. You can use the Belmia packaging that you get for free with every order. Or you can keep all your jewelry together in a jewelry box.


 ✔ Don't go swimming with your jewelry. Any chemicals in the pool such as chlorine or the salt in the sea are not good for silver jewelry.


 ✔ Do not spray perfume on your jewelry. Perfume contains alcohol.


 ✔ If you wear your jewelry day and night, pass silver polish over your most-used jewelry at least once a week.


 So, now that you have become an expert on 925 sterling silver and now that you know how to maintain the jewelry, you can enjoy your beautiful jewelry for a lifetime. Have fun with it!

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